Mini Pre Pro (8 to 10 years)

Pre Teen Pre Pro (11 to 13 years)

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Two options are available for Junior Extension Programs:


FRIDAYS ALL DAY 8.30pm - 3.45pm OR

FRIDAYS 1/2 DAY   12pm – 3.45pm

The program is designed to develop the individual dancer starting from 8 years of age (by audition), for the Mini Pre Pro Program, or 11 years of age (by audition) for the Pre Teen Pre Pro Program.


Both programs covers all genres of dance, with a particular focus on Classical Ballet, this being the foundation of all dance. Also in the program we offer classes in Commercial Jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, body anatomy, yoga, stretching and conditioning, singing and drama.


This is a one of a kind program in Perth that provides opportunities for young dancers to extend their training.


The convenience of the Junior Extension Program is that the students can stay with their current dance school as it doesn't interfere with those timetables. We see this as additional training that will in turn help their examination technique and competition work.


Open communication between Dynamic Pre Professional and your current dance school is vital. 

Speak to us if you want to find out more about these junior programs.