Fridays 12pm – 4pm (Audition Only)

The program is designed to develop the individual dancer. The program covers all genres of dance, Classical Ballet being the foundation of all dance is a fundamental part of the program. Also in the program we offer classes in Commercial Jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, body anatomy, yoga, stretching and conditioning, singing and drama. This is a one of a kind program in Perth that prepares the students for the industry. We are working alongside The Australian Dance Institute (RTO) and offer coaching in Certificate 1-3 in Dance.

Students must be studying RAD or CSTD Exams at their current dance school. (This is optional)

The beauty of the Junior Extension Program is the students can stay with their current dance school as this is just extra training that will in turn help their examination work and competition work. Open communication between Dynamic and your current dance school is vital. Lets work together to make you a “Success”.


2017 Dynamic Performing Arts.

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